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These all-in-one animal costumes were originally sold as pyjamas in Japan, but have become a popular dressing up craze worldwide. They're onesie-style, so they make really comfortable and snuggly pyjamas. They're just as perfect as fancy dress costumes, with occasionally surreal animal likenesses which conveniently fit over your clothes.

Animal Costumes Shop stocks the widest range of kigurumis in the world, with well over 100 kigurumis from multiple manufacturers.

Click on each to see larger pictures and to view more details... or see which outfits are in stock right now in your size by visiting the smallmedium or large pages. We also do a new bunch of kigurumi in kids' sizes.

Koala Onesie
Panther Kigurumi Costume
On Sale
Tabby Cat
Lobster Kigurumi Costume
On Sale
Giraffe Onesie
Halloween Cat
Lion Costume
Lion Onesie

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More information about our kigurumi onesies

These all in one animal onesies come from Japan where “kigurumi” translates as “a stuffed toy that you wear”. The people that wear kigurumi are known as “kigurumin”. We fell in love with the outfits back in 2008 when a friend bought some back from a trip to Japan. Pretty soon we'd decided to set up this shop, and we now buy kigurumi from the best manufacturers all over the world, with a wider range than any other shop. They come in 3 adult sizes and 2 kids' sizes. We are proud to have a huge variety of options available, having scoured the world to find the absolute bestest that we could find – and we continue to do so. 

Each of these onesies is a soft, all-in-one animal pyjama suits with a hood that depicts the face of the animal that the outfit represents – importantly without covering your own beautiful faces so you can dress as an animal without being hidden away inside a stuffy old mascot costume. Some come in a lightweight material and others in a thicker fleece; some in one size and some with various options. For more specific information, click on a product, and check its page.

Your new kigurumi is going to be your new favourite outfit, whether you wear it as pyjamas or partying all night long.